Culvert Construction

Heavy Water Drainage

Culverts and heavy water drainage are imperative for keeping infrastructure safe and maintained. Buck Brothers provides culvert and heavy water drainage services to states located along the I-75 corridor, including Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia and Florida. In addition, we also provide services to a handful of Midwestern states, including Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Missouri and Kansas.

Culverts are imperative to today's roadways and infrastructure. Properly designed and placed culverts help waterways or runoffs to flow under railroads and roadways. Without properly designed and placed culverts, roads and railways could easily become unpassable due to flooding, along with the risk of deterioration due to water seeping into concrete or asphalt.

Buck Brothers specializes in culverts and heavy water drainage systems that allow roadways and railroads to stay safe and well maintained. Our culverts and heavy water drainage systems are built for durability and strength that results in low maintenance. We work with each of our customers to deliver a product and system that meets the exact specifications of the project.

To find out more about Buck Brothers's culverts and heavy water drainage services, contact us at 419-276-2580. Our professional staff will provide you with superior service and answer any questions that you may have. We look forward to speaking to you about your project needs.