Excavation & Trenching

Buck Brothers provides excavation and trenching services for commercial, industrial or civil projects located in Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia or Florida. In addition, we also provide excavation and trenching services in the states of Indiana, Illinois, Missouri and Kansas.

At Buck Brothers, we have the experience, equipment and know-how for excavation and trenching projects both large and small. Excavation is typically performed as part of the site-work prior to building or construction taking place. Buck Brothers can handle all of your excavation needs ranging from commercial or industrial building sites, to site-work for new roadways or infrastructure.

Trenching is used in a variety of projects, including pipeline installation, utility installation, wall containments and more. At Buck Brothers, we work with each of our customers to achieve the desired end result. From digging one simple trench, to more complex projects, our staff's focus is to complete the required work on time and accurately.

We have experience excavating and trenching through a variety of surfaces and underground materials all throughout the Midwest and Southeast of the United States. In addition to our excavation and trenching services, we also provide commercial & civil concrete, CMU walls and other services that result in our clients being able to work with us during several phases of their project, saving time and money.

For more information on Buck Brothers's excavation and trenching services, contact us today at 419-276-2580. We provide superior customer service and are backed by years of experience.