Safety Protection

(Guard Rails & Ballards, etc)

Buck Brothers provides concrete safety protection services for commercial, industrial and civil projects. We are conveniently located in Bowling Green, Ohio, and provide our safety protection services to projects located in Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri and Kansas.

Whether you need to protect equipment or a construction site during stages of completion, or you need to protect a job site after completion, trust Buck Brothers for all of your safety protection needs. Our safety protection services include:

  • Ballards
  • Steel tube protection
  • Equipment protection
  • Barricades
  • K-rail protection

Buck Brothers also provides additional safety protection services, such as handicap ramps and steel guardrails.

Keep trucks or traffic out of building sites to keep your project on time, on budget and to prevent damage or trespassers. We will work with you to create a safety protection plan that meets the exact specifications and requirements of your project. Having a safety protection plan in place for your job site is cost effective and helps ensure that your project is smoothly completed.

Buck Brothers is backed by years of experience in the concrete and construction industries. All of our clients receive unsurpassed customer service and dedication. For more information on our safety protection services, contact us today at 419-276-2580.