Highway Barriers & Concrete Dividers

When you need professional highway barrier and concrete divider services, count on Buck Brothers. We are located in Bowling Green, Ohio and provide our services up and down the I-75 corridor, which includes the states of Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia and Florida. Buck Brothers also provides highway barrier and concrete dividers to select Midwestern states, including Indiana, Illinois, Missouri and Kansas.

Highway barriers provide safety protection to those on the road, and they can also provide protection to road construction sites when work is being done on a roadway. Due to their strength and durability, concrete highway barriers are considered one of the best options for dividing traffic and keeping traffic moving safely.

Concrete dividers are commonly used as highway barriers, but they're also used in other applications as well. Concrete dividers can be used in most any project where the end goal is to keep traffic or trespassers out of certain areas, such as dumpsters, compressed natural gas stations and more. Buck Brothers works with each of our customers to design and install highway barriers and concrete dividers that will meet the exact needs of the project. From small barriers, to large stretches of highway, Buck Brothers has you covered.

Buck Brothers believes in providing each of our clients with unsurpassed customer service and quality workmanship on every project regardless of size. For more information about our highway barriers and concrete divider services, contact us at 419-276-2580.